The missing of a friend…

I feel like crying
The honesty was to much
To honest, to real
It made me have to feel

What I’ve been hiding
For so long
Hidden in my soul
in the darkest hole

To share this
The secret inside
The missing of a friend
Who’ll be there in the end

It’s hard to share
To be this honest
To say what’s true
Why I still feel blue

I cannot trust
I cannot tell it all
I cannot share
it’s my burden to bear

I’m damaged
I’m scared for life
A story to keep
Of wounds so deep

I’ll never be whole
I’ll never give it all
I have to many scars
To many feelings behind bars

Maybe one day
I’ll be able to trust
To find the one friend
Who’ll be there to the end

full circle lonelinessBildet er herfra