Temporary girl

I’m no one’s forever person. I’m always the temporary girl. I’m the temporary friend, the temporary lover. But not the forever. Never.  

I’m the one you embrace when you meet me. I give you a shoulder to cry on, or hug you dearly when you feel alone. I listen when you need to talk, or sit with you in silence when you need peace. I try not to give you advice, but rather make you reflect so you can do what’s right for you. I cheer you up. I encourage you. I give you my best, even though I don’t get what I give.  

And then you leave. Just when I start to care, when I start hoping that you might be the one who stays. You leave. You go on with your journey. You go out into the world to find your forever friends, your forever lover. A journey I’m not invited to.  

You meet the world a little braver, a little happier, a little stronger than what you were when you met me. I’ve done that to you. Just because I wanted you to see all you can be, to be all you can be. But you use that strength, that courage, to conquer the world. A conquest where I’m not by your side. You got what you needed for a moment, and now you don’t need me anymore.  

So, you leave. And once again I’m left. Once again, I’m the temporary person. The temporary friend, or the temporary lover. But not the forever. Never.  


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